Portland, Maine

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Jake Christie

I believe in the power of storytelling.

Job Copywriter / Large International Brand

Lives In Munjoy Hill

I grew up on a farm near the New England coast and now live on Munjoy Hill here in Portland.

My work has appeared in such varied venues as Yankee Pot Roast, Word Riot, The Bygone Bureau, The Adroit Journal, Weirdyear, 365 Tomorrows, Blue Lake Review, The WiFiles, Ramble Underground, Cell Stories, Points in Case, Serial Optimist, College Humor, and FACE Magazine.

I pay the bills as a copywriter for a large outdoor company a few miles up the coast. When I'm not working I'm usually writing, making films, hiking or jumping over to the White Mountains for a camping or skiing trip.

Why did you choose Portland? I grew up in midcoast Maine and went to college at the University of Southern Maine. When I started living in Portland during my junior year I fell in love with the city, and I haven't left since.

Who are Portlanders you admire and why? I admire all the musicians and artists in the city, whether they're playing sold out shows at the Empire or Port City or showing art in a coffee shop. It's their work that makes the city a great, vibrant place to live.

What do you like to do with out-of-towners? I try and show out-of-towners things they can only get here. The view from the Eastern Prom; the blueberry cornbread at Bayou Kitchen; a beer on the deck at Novare Res; a walk through the Old Port.

Where's your "happy place" on the peninsula? Mama's Crowbar.

What's the most surprising thing about this city? People always say it's the food, but that's no longer a secret, so I have to say the creativity of the people. Like the Heart Bandit on Valentine's Day, or a clever postage label stuck to the back of a sign, or a poem posted on a bulletin board. Totally surprising little things that make me glad to live here.

What's your favorite indulgence and where do you find it? So many indulgences, so little time! Either a rare beer at Novare Res, a shake at Silly's or a whoopie pie from one of the bakeries downtown.

What's the most under-appreciated place or thing in town? I think Bayside is underappreciated, though it's started to get some recognition. Tandem Coffee, Bunker Brewing, Rising Tide, and Urban Farm Fermentory are all tucked away there – easy to miss, but hard to stay away from once you've found them.

Describe your perfect night—and the following morning—in Portland. I'm a low-key guy, so the perfect dinner would be something like burgers at Rosie's, with free popcorn and darts for dessert. Then drinks at Infiniti and Novare Res, with a stop into Mama's on the way back up the Hill. The next day (recovery time) would start with a trip to the Bayou Kitchen, then a detoxifying walk on the East End Beach or one of Portland's many trails.`

Do you have a serendipity spot? Where do you always bump into good people? I walk everywhere, so there's no particular spot – but if I walk from one end of town to another, I'm bound to bump into someone I know.

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