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Kristin Mesires

Research Scientist, IDEXX Laboratories

Known For scientific research

Located In Westbrook


Kristin Mesires is a scientist in the R & D department at IDEXX Laboratories, a multi-national veterinary immunodiagnostic company located in nearby Westbrook.

She and her husband – both PhDs – went to grad school in Boston; “it was a great place to be young,” Kristin says, but when they started to think about raising a family, they realized Boston was not the place they wanted to be.

Kristin has family in Falmouth, just north of Portland, and toward the end of their time in Boston, the couple used to sneak up north any chance they got. So when Kristin bumped into IDEXX at a career fair, she practically ran up to the table and said, “I have to work for you!” Her background in immunology and animal agriculture and nutrition – and soft spot for Maine – made it the perfect fit all around.

The couple thought it was going to be a challenge to find work for two PhDs here, but they have: Kristin’s husband works for a small biotech company called Maine Molecular Quality Controls Inc. Kristin says a growing contingent of scientists is realizing that “Maine is a good place to do research” – and a great place to live.