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Dave Avis

I push pixels around. A complete bully.

Job Sr. Art Dir. / Kemp Goldberg Partners

Lives In Cape Elizabeth

I try not to be an ass.

Other Portlanders

Martin Connelly

Words, pictures, code, and tea

Eric Mofford

Artist and business mentor that loves being a part of Portland's creative community

Susan Bartlett Rice

Always up for the challenge of thinking big and painting big

Sarah Goodwin

Interior and Event Design

Vanessa Helmick

I create sanctuary

Rob Schatz

I celebrate Maine Restaurant Week 52 times a year

2° Portland Connector

Christian MilNeil

Amalgamated industries of the liberal arts.

Craig Casey

I am a brand architect helping companies connect to their customers.

Hans Anders Barklis

building community through performance arts and arts education

Clare Morin

Writer, China-US cultural instigator & budding Bodhisattva

Stephanie Harmon

I teach strength, empowerment and self expression through movement with Dance, Buti and Yoga.