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Andrew Kessler

Modern-Day Alchemist, Scofflaw, Fan of the absurd. Entrepreneur by nature.

Job Inbound Marketing Specialist / SironaHealth

Lives In West End

Life in progress. 

Other Portlanders

Allen West

There are things that haven't been done before. I'm picking them off one by one.

Kaitlyn Morse

Dumpster Diving to Make Portland More Sustainable

Gretchen Powers

I preserve moments.

Erin Little

Visual Storyteller

Ed McKersie

I partner with Maine companies to build their most important asset...their team.

Misty McLaughlin

I help nonprofits communicate their mission effectively, and I advocate for flexible work arrangements.

Anna Patterson

Living in a world of words.

Leon Vanella

Addicted to capturing and interpreting the world around me.

Timothy Ouillette

Web Video | Photography | Film

Tyler Kidder

I collaborate with students, staff, faculty, and the community to make and keep USM environmentally sustainable