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Cultural Plan Update of 2018: A Living Action Plan

Cultural Plan Update of 2018: A Living Action Plan

The arts community's voice of solidarity is bold and strong! The call is to celebrate the arts, acknowledge the economic impact, and keep artists working and exhibiting on the peninsula. On February 20, Portland City Council finalized and approved the Cultural Plan Update of 2018 as an adopted city plan. The two-year, three phase cultural planning process was facilitated by Creative Portland. Preparation for the planning process resulted in the hiring of an outside urban design firm, CivicMoxie, from Boston. Data gathering in Phase 1 involved culling together existing information and securing a steering committee of creative economy stakeholders and participants. CivicMoxie analyzed previous plans, compared local organizations' strategic plans, economic impact studies and reports, and conducted individual interviews with leaders from cultural anchors as well as community members in focus groups. Phase 2 considered strategic priorities identified by the arts & culture community and the writing of the report. Phase 3 is the launch and distribution of this living action plan, an ongoing plan that focuses on celebrating & branding the arts and securing an arts center with work and exhibition space. The living plan will include monitoring and check-ins throughout the year and an annual arts & culture summit to address internal strategic planning, to work toward implementation, to engage with best practice consultants, and to attract the private sector. The Arts & Culture Summit (location TBD) is scheduled for Tuesday June 18th, on the eve of Startup Maine's schedule, June 19-21. 



Adopted plans

1998 -  Celebrating Community: A Cultural Plan for Portland, Maine 

2018 - Cultural Plan Update of 2018: A Living Action Plan, adopted by City Council 2/20/19


Additional national & regional survey reports

Americans for the Arts - Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 national report and customized report for the City of Portland (June 2017)

Americans for the Arts - Arts & Economic Prosperity 4 national summary report


New England Foundation for the Arts - ​The Jobs in New England's Creative Economy & Why They Matter (June 2017)


Additional arts planning, creative placemaking & research links highlighting the arts as a major economic driver for the creative economy

Americans for the Arts - National Cultural Districts Exchange (2014)

American Planning Association - How the Arts and Culture Sector Catalyzes Economic Vitality (2011)

Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning - Arts and Culture Planning: A Toolkit for Communities (2014)

National Endowment for the Arts - Creative Placemaking (2010)

National Endowment for the Arts - How to do Creative Placemaking (2017)


Creative Portland

Our mission is to support the creative economy through the arts by providing essential resources, by fostering partnerships, and by promoting Portland's artistic talents and cultural assets. As the official nonprofit arts agency, we support economic development efforts by strengthening and stimulating our workforce, creative industries, and enterprises.