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A Weekend in Portland

Whether you’re seeking a surprising brunch, the right walk to take with the right cup of coffee, something strange, or something sublime, check out what these Portlanders are up to on any given Saturday or Sunday. Then mix and match to suit yourself.


Ferry Beach
(courtesy of Houser)
Christian MilNeil

...taking bike rides to Ferry Beach or Scarborough Beach on summer evenings after work. It's a pleasant hour-long ride across the Casco Bay Bridge, through the neighborhoods of South Portland, and across the marshes and tidal estuaries of the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge.

Go to Peaks Island and ride bicycles!

Let's Ride a Bike

Portland is a slow city. It's fitting that we see more bicycles (and bike lanes) every year. Take a bike on the ferry, cross the bridge to Falmouth (and Mackworth Island), or cruise over to South Portland and you'll get a different vantage on our fair city, as well as an adventure.

I like riding across the new Veteran's Memorial Bridge. Off-peninsula= breakfast sandwich and coffee from Verbena, Osprey-gazing at SMCC, or oil-tanker gazing at Bug Light/Spring Point.

Andrew Griswold

...bring snacks and a blanket to the Eastern Promand then after an hour or so, remind them that they're in a city.

Robert Sullivan

...the Portland Trails system is one of the best greenbelt/walking trails I've seen in any urban area. I'm often alone in many sections of it. I can't recommend it enough.

Fresh Air

Portland has it all: verdant trails, ponds, islands, long walks with views of the water, and unparalleled picnic spots overlooking the ocean. Here are some Portlanders' favorite places to share with friends:

Joie Grandbois

The Western Cemetery. It is old and sadly declining, but it is also peaceful, beautiful, and full of history.