Portland, Maine

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A Weekend in Portland

Whether you’re seeking a surprising brunch, the right walk to take with the right cup of coffee, something strange, or something sublime, check out what these Portlanders are up to on any given Saturday or Sunday. Then mix and match to suit yourself.

Eat & Drink

Micucci's "Sicilian Slab"
(courtesy of Food Republic)

Micucci's "Sicilian Slab"

(courtesy of Food Republic)

Mark Yaggie

Shulte & Herr, the most delicious German food outside of Germany; Veranda, Vietnamese food so good you will want to go back a few times a week; and of course, Micucci's pizza is a lunchtime favorite.

Shannon Bryan

Taco Trio, which is actually in South Portland. I grew up in San Diego and Trio has the closest thing I can find to quality Mexican food, including proper salsas.

Keep It Casual

Our "sit-down" restaurants get lots of attention, but the unsung heroes of the food scene tend to be the casual places, lunch spots, and take-out joints. Here are a few worth finding:

James Cradock

...a summer evening on the Portland Lobster Co. deck with a pile of shrimp, a beer, and the waterfront for company.

Spanish-style churros at Duckfat
(courtesy of Cranky Diners)

Spanish-style churros at Duckfat

(courtesy of Cranky Diners)

Rob Gould

Red velvet cake at Two Fat Cats on India Street. I try not to find it very often.

Sweet Stuff

On just about every block you can find something sweet: from gelato and ice cream, to cupcakes and chocolates. Here are a few sweet tooth satiators:

Lin Lisberger

Sticky Buns at Standard Baking Company!

Miyake Sushi
(Courtesy of Miyake)

Miyake Sushi

(Courtesy of Miyake)

Matthew Taylor

Five-course tasting menu at Miyake, a decent cocktail at Sonny's, dancing at Flask Lounge, Caiola's brunch in the morning.

Matthew Scheumann

Sitting with my wife at the chef's table at the Corner Room, eating and drinking.

Food with Friends

A night on the town means a night of possibities—where to go, who you'll see, and most important, what you're going to eat. A cocktail at the Blue Spoon? Bacon tempura at Nosh? Oysters at Fore Street? Wherever your night takes you, in Portland you can trust it will take you somewhere special. Here are some ideal nights:

Jessie Lacey

Starting off with a really crowded and amazing show at SPACE Gallery then walking down Congress for drinks at a quieter place like Boda, eating small plates from there, or Pai Men Miyake skewers, and drinks with a large group of friends at LFK. The next morning meeting up with the same friends for brunch at Hot Suppah, Local 188, or Petite Jaqueline.