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Careers in Greater Portland

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Portland, ME

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) catalyzes solutions to the complex challenges of ocean stewardship and economic growth in the Gulf of Maine bioregion. Our dynamic fusion of science, education, and community gives us range to effect change from multiple directions, while our objectivity and commitment to collaboration make us the go-to organization for marine communities grappling with contentious issues, management transitions, and new business systems. GMRI unlocks science mysteries to inform better decisions about how we steward, use, and enjoy our precious ocean resources. We work with fishermen to develop tools that let them fish smarter and get more value for their catch. We open doors to think about new sustainable and renewable uses of the marine environment. We are making a long-term investment in science literacy as the cornerstone of a 21st century ocean economy by providing programs to ignite the curiosity, ambition, innovation, and problem-solving potential of Maine's next generation.