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Fourth of July Fireworks, by Cara Slifka Map It

Living in Portland

Living in Portland

Here in Portland we live in historic brick buildings with working fireplaces, ornate Victorians with sunny bay windows, and spacious city lofts overlooking the harbor. We live in little houses with gardens and large apartment buildings with all the amenities. We live on quiet tree-lined streets and above the brick sidewalks of the bustling arts district. And we know our neighbors. We see them at coffee shops and corner stores, bakeries, and bars; places on par with those in bigger cities, but on a smaller scale (just like our rents and mortgages).

Space is affordable here. Startups become local institutions. Networking works. The city is safe. And perhaps most importantly, life is easy enough here that the happy moments don’t get lost in the routine--they’re enmeshed in our everyday experience. 

Forbes calls Portland the #1 most livable city in the country. While Portland is often praised for its setting and access to nature, its food scene, and its commitment to arts and culture, one of Portland's greatest assets is size. The city is large enough to be diverse and endlessly interesting, yet small enough to retain a strong sense of community. Here, committed creative thinkers and entrepreneurs have developed niche markets and micro-cultures around socially responsible businesses, research and technology, thoughtful food sourcing, artistic endeavors, fashion, and design. We love living and working here and think you will too. 


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