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Maine Women Pioneers III

Exhibit Includes Alison Hildreth, Rose Marasco, and Katarina Weslien

Last night, the Art Gallery at the University of New England hosted its second special program in conjunction with their current exhibitions entitled Maine Women Pioneers III: Homage. This program included the curators as moderators and a panel comprised of curator Bruce Brown, former director of the Center of Contemporary Maine Art; writer Edgar Beem; and Executive Director of Creative Portland, Jennifer Hutchins.

Maine Women Pioneers III is co-curated by Anne B. Zill, Gael May McKibben, and Andres A. Verzosa. This exhibition is the third on this subject in the history of this art gallery and will strive for a national impact in the definition of the leading, Maine women art pioneers of our age.

Homage is the second of four exhibitions honoring 50 living Maine women pioneers. Homage highlights veteran artists who are powerful examples of career and lifelong original creative accomplishment, people who are ahead of the curve without resting on their laurels. Some of the artists are well known and others who are less so deserve our attention, admiration and respect.

Artists include: Lois Dodd, Maggie Foskett, Susan Groce, Beverly Hallam, Allison Hildreth, Frances Hodsdon, Lissa Hunter, Dahlov Ipcar, Yvonne Jacquette, Frances Kornbluth, Rose Marasco, Marylin Quint-Rose, Katarina Weslien.

Homage is on view until March 3, 2013. For more information:

The next segment of this series will open on March 12, 2013. Worldview focuses upon the work of artists who are connected to their world, who create and are inspired by ethics, emotions and existential, holistic themes, as activists, healers, visionaries.


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