Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Thomas Martin

Helping myself by helping others, one photo at a time.

Job "Photographer"

Lives In Gray

I'm a father of 5 and a grandfather of 5. Love life, family and my time photographing the world as I see it and sharing with others.

Born and raised locally, enjoy hiking and exploring Maine.

Photography is my passion and I'm always looking for new ways to share in the joy of it all.

Where's your "happy place" on the peninsula? Walking the waterfront.

What's the most surprising thing about this city? That every time I walk through Portland I discover something new.

What's the most under-appreciated place or thing in town? The Architecture, I do not think many people take the time to really look at it. Portland has some great and unique designs. I've taken many photos of interesting Portland architecture.

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