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Thalassa Raasch

Writing with light.

Job Artist

Lives In West End

I am an artist and educator based in Portland, Maine and Providence, Rhode Island. My work is rooted in the New England landscape, exploring ideas of blindness, empathy, and the inaccessible. Photographs ground my work and are often accompanied by audio, projections, or other materials. I am currently teaching at the Rhode Island School of Design where I am earning an MFA in Photography. I am also deep in a project about a gravedigger in Downeast Maine.

Why did you choose Portland? The Salt Institute brought me here, and I simply fell into love with Portland, and with Maine. The people here, the stories, the sea keep me circling this state again and again.

Where's your "happy place" on the peninsula? My happy place is the peninsula during a snow ban. My car parked in a garage, it's nice to wander the empty snowglobed silent streets.

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