Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Patrick Roche

I create work spaces where creative collaborations flourish...

Job Director, Think Tank CoWorking / Think Tank

Lives In Mount Joy (AKA Munjoy Hill)

Here's a little story:

Back in college I made business cards that read: "Pat Roche, General Specialist"... It's been a while since I made use of that cleverly coined title, but the idea holds true...  Mostly because I still like to surround myself with a diverse and talented set of people...  This philosophy (and lifestyle) has been fortitously manifested as Think Tank CoWorking...   Now lots of people come to this space I created to converge and ideate...

Come see what we're doing here... especially if you have big ideas and want to help shape this brilliant little city.  

Why did you choose Portland? That's right. I CHOSE Portland. I could have lived anywhere. 3 years ago I was footloose and fancy free! This little gem by the sea called to me. It's brimming with some of the most collaborative and energetic people I've ever met. There is a collective zeitgeist here... It's as though everyone has this fanciful idea that if we engage with this place and its people, we can become stewards of the city. We can shape the future of this place and make it a shining example of what motivated, conscientious communities can achieve. ...Oh, and there's this beautiful bay to look at EVERY DAY! ... Right, I should say something about the food... Actually, forget the food. There's fountains of beer and coffee at every corner... almost literally.

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