Portland, Maine

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I am the man behind the scenes that makes things happen.

2° Portland Connector

Andy Graham

I want to use public policy to make Portland a more joyful place.

Trey Allen

I wear many hats; figuratively and literally.

Joie Grandbois

Bringing variety performance to life...

Michelle Souliere

Making a living from curiosity.

2° Portland Connector

Virginia Rose

Creating catalysts and conduits for appreciating art.

Rickie Bogle

I love exploring, entertaining, laughing, connecting with people, and getting my hands dirty.

Tyler McGinley

Curator of all things good.

Caitlin Brooke

Proponent of Good Vibes

Jeff Spofford

The Portland Daily Sun you're reading today, spent last night in my Chevrolet.

Kimberly Curry

Promoting the goodwill of Goodwill

PD Wappler

I do a little of everything. I can probably give you a hand.

Adam Burk

I make space for new perspectives

Gordon Holman

Building inspired custom websites, animation & logo design in Portland since 2002.

Ron Harrity

The double ended shape of the Peapod makes it excellent for maneuvering around rocky shores that larger boats cannot get close to.

Joseph Gomes

I'm a creative type focused on the digital space, tho still actively involved in film and tv.

Elizabeth Redstone

Passionate about cultivating the artist that exists within every Mainer

2° Portland Connector

Christopher Hughes

I construct nightlife experiences, then I relax. ^___^

Alice Kornhauser

I inform, inspire and influence in support of my community, with a special soft spot for the arts.

José Azel

Passion for visual storytelling in many forms across many sectors.

Kristin Sutton

I am the general manager of Avnt Dance and Event Center... home of G-Tric Dance Crew and Portland's annual Zombie Flash Mob.

Jeff Shaw

I teach kids how to rock

Chris Plumstead

I make music, teach wine, love food and sell advertising

Steve Cooley

Always searching for the subtext. But sometimes Freud had it right.

Liz Woodbury

I listen, I write, and I proofread carefully.

Samantha Piro

Determined to always marvel at the beauty of the Eastern Prom

Conor Tubbs

I write, I sing and I perform.

David Orbeton

I keep Portlanders sharp

2° Portland Connector

Meg Schroeter

I like to feed people

David William Turner

I am a freelance writer and video producer

Nicholas Beverage

I paint pictures and collect hobbies.

Heather Chontos

Art and Design Consultant

Dave Avis

I push pixels around. A complete bully.

Kate Anker

I run with artists and work to keep them doing what they love

Mara Higgins

I Provide Locals with Stylish Offers

Bryan Matluk

Arts Management Consultant

2° Portland Connector

Thalassa Raasch

I'm a visual storyteller and installation artist.

Jessie Lacey

tailor made visual arts & design

Susan Conley

I teach story writing throughout Greater Portland and connect published authors with student writers.

Corey Templeton

Visually documenting Portland, one day at a time

Clint Fulkerson

simply complex

Lauren Webster LaFrance

cocktails for good causes; parties with purpose

Jay Casavant

I recruit technology + upper level managment people


I transform your vision into effective digital content through the use of interactive web, video and mobile solutions

Jake Christie

I believe in the power of storytelling.

2° Portland Connector

Arthur Fink

Photographing the energy of dance; Helping nonprofits with mission, governance, conflict, communications

Anna Jakubik

Live everyday like a princess.

James Nylund

I help plan for the future.

Brook DeLorme

I design & make clothing.

Ariel Hagan Elwell

I keep creative projects organized.

Bonnie Faulkner

Making art with glass and whoopie pies

Daniel B. Knight

Creativity in the margins

Audra Lynn Bayette Sinclair

I am interested in telling people's stories.

Kerry Ensinger

I like creating images, telling stories, eating desserts, and helping people along the way. I also like boats.

Nance Trueworthy

Specializing in capturing great faces and famous places

Ned Donovan

I am an Actor/Fight Director originally from Portland, now living in NYC

Michael Henderson

Media professional - Operations and Production Management

Julie Natale

Making it happen daily!

Scott Douglas

Not just a running geek!

Winky Lewis

juggling motherhood and photography.....

Thomas Puckett

I implore you all, please let me continue to flower in my obscurity.

Geoff Keating

I add logic to the chaotic world of marketing.

2° Portland Connector

Christian MilNeil

Amalgamated industries of the liberal arts.

Don Marietta

I design, illustrate, consult, and teach. I also shoot poets, punks, and metalheads.

Erich Pobatschnig

Music making, marketing, SEM, SEO, social media

Sophie Nelson

I talk and think and read and write about my favorite state and the people who live here

Mitch Eagan

I make photos and art and know quite a bit about picture framing.

Mark Fleming

Making a living one click of the shutter at a time.

Dominic D'Alessio III

I make things with my arms.

Alison Roberts

Public school teacher & maine native

Sam Mateosian

Hacking Portland for fun and profit

Ed McKersie

I partner with Maine companies to build their most important asset...their team.

Lisa-Marie Wood

Your Partner in Enterprise Management

Sean Sullivan

I connect people to one another, organizations, and ideas.

Emmie Michaud

Optimizing and Designing Portland

Sarah Schindler

I'm interested in sustainable development, transportation, and food systems

Matthew A. K. Smith

I design & build fast, responsive websites.

Jessica Thomas

I bring order to chaos

Sarah Lapine

I design unique floral arrangements for special events and the everyday.

Shannon Tallman

Pusher of Parmigiano, lover of Limburger and guardian of Gruyere!

Samantha Haedrich

Designer & Educator

Brian Fitzgerald

I tell stories visually.

Richard G. Sandifer

I collaborate with my subjects to create stunning portraits for business and personal legacy.

Christopher Papagni

Share vital information/critical feedback that can help you grow your business

Peter Weed

I help tell good stories with words and pictures.

Michael Cain

Web Developer. Automattician.

Andrew Kessler

Modern-Day Alchemist, Scofflaw, Fan of the absurd. Entrepreneur by nature.

Shannon Bryan

Writing about Maine's entertaining goings on

Sanford Fogg

I am a lighting designer and own a lighting showroom.

Johanna Moore

I make things and I fix things

Nate Towne

I grok words and chocolate. Frosting is my medium.

2° Portland Connector

Matt Chamberlain

I make upscale comfort food with personality. I throw parties.

Erin McGee Ferrell

Tourism Artist. LIVE Art, Plein Air Oil Paintings, Technology, and Retail to promote City Tourism

Patrick Roche

I design and build work spaces where creatives flourish...

Theodora Medouris Hartford

I offer various creative services + specialize in graphic design.

2° Portland Connector

Andrew Burke PE

I work to achieve energy upgrades for people, places, and things.

Matri Lamb

I find the words that bring the funds.

Bonnie Faulkner

I work in glass! Fused, stained and fired!

Mark Yaggie

Photographer, plant geek, and cold water convert.

Kelin Welborn

I create the visuals

Karla Wheaton

I help Maine families

Matthew Robbins

Picture taker of awesome humans and things.

Gibson Fay-LeBlanc

I write stories and teach writing.

Ann Tracy

Digital Alchemist Artist with a side of editorial photography and creativity consultant

Maverick Ashley Lenartson

I AM A Very Very Very Very Very FUNNY ARTIST/GUY

Kanya Zillmer

I push pixels while doing cartwheels.

2° Portland Connector

Jennifer Hutchins

I promote and support Portland's creative economy

Meghan K Quinn

I talk up the things I love.

Jessica Beebe

I take the expected and make it unexpected.

2° Portland Connector

Ellen Kanner

I rebuild the Web while sipping and serving sencha.

Benjamin Row

Acting for a Better World

Kate Beever

I'm pioneering the field of music therapy here in Maine.

Angelina Campbell

Poster child for 20-somethings in Portland.

Andrew Kraus

I protect your ideas

Andrew Griswold

I help kids find their voice and share their good work.

Zach Brockhouse

Wordz (Web wizzards-please turn that z into a lightning bolt. Thank you)

Stacey Cramp

I bring art to editorial photography.

Chris O'Neil

A Maine Guide in wing tips, helping you get safely in and out of "the woods" of Maine government.

Allen West

There are things that haven't been done before. I'm picking them off one by one.

Jung Hur

I am a painter from Korea via NYC and a restaurant owner in Portland

Conor Leigh Tubbs

I write, I sing and I perform.

Molly Haley

I help young people tell their stories.

Nathan Stevens

I make strange things and help others make things not so strange.

Jeff Ryan

Writer. Photographer. Explorer. Native.

Jenny McGee Dougherty

I make art and help others do the same.

Toni Jo Coppa

I make psychologically dark sculptures and paintings, and find great joy in doing so.

Amanda Gagnon

I enjoy finding unique ways to share my visions

Claire Stretch

Loving life through art, food and boats.


I paint, hang art & plan parties. I smile a lot!

John Spritz

I connect people and communities

Andy Verzosa

Arts & culture impresario

2° Portland Connector

Susan Axelrod

I chronicle Portland and Maine's exceptional restaurant and bar scene.

Megan Hevenor

I make flower arrangements with Maine goodies.

Samantha Hayslip

I am lost and own it.

Luciana Grimaldi

Clothing designer. Life Lover. World Explorer.

Joe Rosshirt

I make things for kids.

Lauren Lear

I bring fantasy to Maine.

henrY Leiter

I make images of architectural, food, travel, and editorial related things.

Katheryn Casale

I design and make clothes, prints, and graphics.

Whit Richardson

I write about Maine's innovators and entrepreneurs

Ginger Rita

I strive to teach, perform and choreograph burlesque

Carissa Ciuca

I own a space for our community to connect through yoga.

Jon Petruschke

I write fiction, short stories, and poetry. Lately, it's mostly haiku inspired by what I dream about at night.

Audrey Hotchkiss

Building community through art and language

2° Portland Connector

Nancy Charlebois

I help patients find balance and wellness!

Jamie Mercurio

I'm a visual virtuoso.

Tessa O'Brien

I paint on walls, wood, canvas, and paper.

Rachel Irwin

I plan free events for downtown Portland

Nathan O'Leary

Helping businesses and startups drive online growth through inbound marketing

Sonya Tomlinson

Rapper turned teaching artist with the goal of keeping the performing arts alive for the youth of Portland.

Leon Vanella

Addicted to capturing and interpreting the world around me.

Milan Nevajda

I support community building and creativity

Jeremiah McDonald

I do creative things to stave off madness.

Mike Gorman

I draw funny pictures and am learning to draw them on you

Sarah Whitling

Arts administrator passionate for all visual arts and arts education.

Elliot Murphy

I write code and talk to people.

Don Gooding

I train innovative entrepreneurs and help them connect to succeed.

Jada Fitch

Draw Draw Draw

Becky McKinnell

Hand crafted websites from the waterfront of Portland, Maine!

Sarah Sutton

Creator of tasty lobster rolls. Avid supporter of Portland's food truck scene. Passionate about good food that accessible.

2° Portland Connector

Elise Loschiavo

Real estate maven/condo expert/event management

Ian Marquis

I make things. Sometimes practical. Sometimes beautiful. Always interesting.

June Fitzpatrick

I show art that fills and excites me.

Sally Newhall

I love to create synergy: people, places, ideas, and concepts that lead to awesome events!

2° Portland Connector

Liz Trice

I make connections in Portland's innovation and sustainability community

Rob Landry

Setting the standard for web from Portland

Andrew Foster

I show people my favorite things the way I see them

Tracy Michaud Stutzman

I use community to teach students how to think

Thomas Martin

Helping myself by helping others, one photo at a time.

James Cradock

I don't believe in taglines. Ask me what I think is cool.

Melissa Mullen

Photographer of life events and teacher

Dean Merrill

manipulator of light

Tony Cox

I frame the diverse art from Portland, the State of Maine and Beyond....

Angela Lee Smith

Madly in love with creating vector art and design.

Steve Pogson

I build businesses with marketing, technology, and simplicity

Megan Jones

I create images and capture moments.

2° Portland Connector

David Karl Roberts

I have been able to follow my muse in this wonderful city of the arts


I build brands that catch fire

Sarah Goodwin

Creative, detail infused occasions

Sean Wilkinson

I speak for things well designed.

2° Portland Connector

Zeke Callanan

I help motivated people and companies move confidently toward their goals.

Torin Peterson

I help get more K-12 heroes into schools.

2° Portland Connector

Ted Axelrod

If you eat it, I photograph it.

Seth Storey

I work for the internet

Chris Korzen

Working to build Portland's tech economy

Vanessa Helmick

I create sanctuary

2° Portland Connector

Colleen Edwards

I twirl for a living, what more could there be?

Martin Connelly

Words, pictures, code, and tea

Laura Faure

I orchestrate a laboratory and training ground for the international contemporary dance community.

Samantha Hoyt Lindgren

I make connections for Portland's fiber and textile artists.

Willa Kammerer

I make videos for the Internet (mostly).

Kaitlyn Morse

I help new businesses & organizations connect with the community and thrive.

Declan McCarthy

I love drawing comics and spilling ink all over my hands!

Mike Desjardins

I build the internet

Jessica Skwire Routhier

Word person. Museum person.

Matthew Scheumann

I work and play and design things along the way.

Rick Dennen

I live to paint abstract watercolors.


I get to work with the the most amazing artists while they're still students!

cara slifka

photographer . candid storyteller . native mainer

John Kowalski

Brand & marketing strategist helping organizations & artists discover, integrate & communicate their brand.

Anna Patterson

My days are spent selling beautiful designs at angela adams; at night I sing songs.

Denise Brautigam

Hello, my name is Denise. I’ll be your guide today.

2° Portland Connector

Evan Carroll

I look inward at how spaces shape peoples lives and outward at how the built environment shapes society.

Derek Kimball

I make films.

Erin Flett

Graphic, Textile, Surface Designer

Peter M. Clark

Designer & illustrator who keeps exploring

Laurie Spugnardi

Sometimes words. Sometimes images. Always creating.

Samuel Strickland

I design, build & teach the web to enrich lives & businesses.

Robert Sullivan

My work is with paint as much as it is with the creative minds of Maine's foremost art students.

Bryan Wiggins

I use my twin identity as an artist and writer to create work for commercial and editorial clients.

Daphne Howland

I write, I teach writing and I shoot pictures

Katy Kelleher

I write and I read and I love beautiful things.

Nichole Donovan

I bake, I make art, I sew, and I play video games.

2° Portland Connector

Sarah Delisle

I help people find their space and place.

Frances Buerkens

I show the world who YOU are - photos, websites, newsletters, brochures!

Caitlin Cameron

What is one thing you would improve about where you live?

James Chute

drawing & talking, often at the same time

Samuel Cousins

I make photos and build cool things.

Arielle Walrath

In search of beauty, order and function.

Nate Towne

I grok words and chocolate. Frosting is my medium.

Timothy Ouillette

Web Video | Photography | Film

Raffi Der Simonian

I facilitate professional synergies while crafting and delivering strategic messages.

Irina Skornyakova

I am an adventurer and art maker

Torey Penrod-Cambra

I promote Maine's high-tech private sector

Nancy Strojny

I connect entrepreneurs with resources

Matthew Taylor

I am a menace around town.

Gretchen Powers

I preserve moments.

Craig Casey

I am a brand architect helping companies connect to their customers.

Jess Koch

Graphic/Web Designer, Filmmaker, Photographer

Kelsey Raymond

I create, code, and bring ideas to life

Clare Morin

Writer, China-US cultural instigator & budding Bodhisattva

Omar Chaar

Equipment reliability? What's that?

Grace Cleaves

Improv training + respect + sassiness + brilliant business acumen = Training for doctors who need "behavioral adjustments"

Andrew Abbott

I paint pictures.

Holly Seeliger

Connecting arts and advocacy in Portland!

Jess Lauren Lipton

I solve Portland's creative problems by day and push the boundaries of pop art by night.

Rebecca Falzano

I write about Maine's beautiful spaces and talented makers.

Ashley Halsey

I make art, design books and think creatively.

2° Portland Connector

Kimberly Convery

Everyday I try to find a new possibilities

Marc Sirois

Creative soul with passion for technology, food, and the arts

Christine Morgan

Life is a colorful palette, giving a creative sixth sense to looking at the world around us.

Graeme Kennedy

A little bit of everything...

Greta Rybus

Can I take your photo?

Eliza Jane Curtis

I work with colors and shapes, patterns, paper and scissors, odds and ends.

James Day Leavitt

Words & Music. Together & Separate.

Ed Buonvecchio

I paint, design and make.

Kevin Brooks

I'm a web developer who speaks design.

Liza Kelley

Co-Founder and Lead Designer at Talley-O Design

Nat May

I like meeting people with new ideas.

Tyler Kidder

I collaborate with students, staff, faculty, and the community to make and keep USM environmentally sustainable

Lanna Lee Maheux

Seeks adventures in conversation. And a good time.

Lee Lohrmann

I put faces to names

Caleb Mason

I publish literary fiction on ebooks.

Barbara Babkirk

Love your work. I can help you with that.

Ann Tracy

Onward through the fog!

Brian Danz

I help people use technology to enrich and simplify their lives. I also ride bikes. A lot.

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