Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Kelin Welborn

I create the visuals

Job Designer / Welborn Design

Lives In Cape Elizabeth

Working to create visual style for clients in the Portland area that is as unique as each individual client. At the same time enjoying the view and eating as much of the local food as possible.

Other Portlanders

Samuel Cousins

I make photos and build cool things.

2° Portland Connector

Sarah Delisle

I connect people to the community and to houses

Audra Lynn Bayette Sinclair

I am interested in telling people's stories.

Michael Cain

Web Developer. Automattician.


I build brands that catch fire

Craig Casey

I am a brand architect helping companies connect to their customers.

Kaitlyn Morse

I help new businesses & organizations connect with the community and thrive.

James Chute

drawing & talking, often at the same time

2° Portland Connector

Andy Graham

I want to use public policy to make Portland a more joyful place.

2° Portland Connector

Ted Axelrod

If you eat it, I photograph it.

Melissa Mullen

Photographer of life events and teacher