Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Dave Avis

I push pixels around. A complete bully.

Job Sr. Art Dir. / Kemp Goldberg Partners

Lives In Cape Elizabeth

I try not to be an ass.

Other Portlanders

Mark Yaggie

Photographer, plant geek, and cold water convert.

Jeff Spofford

The Portland Daily Sun you're reading today, spent last night in my Chevrolet.

2° Portland Connector

Dee Clements

I am a weaver and own Herron Clothier

Leon Vanella

Addicted to capturing and interpreting the world around me.

Audra Lynn Bayette Sinclair

I am interested in telling people's stories.

Susan Conley

I teach story writing throughout Greater Portland and connect published authors with student writers.

Ashleigh Burskey

I create content, strategy and enthusiasm for art.

Johanna Moore

I make things and I fix things

Laura Faure

I orchestrate a laboratory and training ground for the international contemporary dance community.

Michael Henderson

Media professional - production, post-production and marketing

Clint Fulkerson

simply complex


I transform your vision into effective digital content through the use of interactive web, video and mobile solutions