Portland, Maine

Yes. Life's Good Here

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Andrew Kessler

Modern-Day Alchemist, Scofflaw, Fan of the absurd. Entrepreneur by nature.

Job Inbound Marketing Specialist / SironaHealth

Lives In West End

Life in progress. 

Other Portlanders

Grace Cleaves

Improv training + respect + sassiness + brilliant business acumen = Training for doctors who need "behavioral adjustments"

Matthew A. K. Smith

I design & build fast, responsive websites.

Andrew Kraus

I protect your ideas

2° Portland Connector

Thalassa Raasch

I'm a visual storyteller and installation artist.

Sean Wilkinson

I speak for things well designed.

David William Turner

I am a freelance writer and video producer

Megan Buckley

Inspire creative expression & enriching culture through dance performance/ honor tradition, preserving the arts through dance education.

Steve Pogson

I build businesses with marketing, technology, and simplicity

henrY Leiter

I make architectural, food, and hospitality related things look good!

Heather Chontos

Art and Design Consultant

Rickie Bogle

I love exploring, entertaining, laughing, connecting with people, and getting my hands dirty.