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First Friday Art Walk


On the first Friday evening of every month, the city’s artists, galleries, and arts venues open up their doors for Portland’s thriving First Friday Art Walk.

Upcoming First Friday Art Walk

Friday, October 3, 2014

As 1 Gallery
24 Exchange Street, Ste 211
The incredible depth of emotion and movement young local artist, Amanda Brill, captures in her intriguing paintings is not to be missed! Brill often incorporates "the colors of the galaxy" into her work, lending an air of the surreal to masterfully depicted images of living creatures. The exhibit will run throughout October.
Amanda Brill
Acrylic, watercolor, and oil
Richard Boyd Art Gallery
15 Epps Street
Richard Boyd Art Gallery opens "Scenes from Maine" the sixth annual exhibit of works depicting imagery from Maine, on October 1, at 10:00 a.m. The exhibition showcases the diversity of subject matter in Maine which has long been a source of inspiration for artists. On exhibit are a selection of paintings in a variety of media and styles depicting images from the interior, to the islands, coves, and coastal waterways of Maine. Each work is the artist's interpretation of a scene from Maine. The exhibit features paintings by artists Rob Anderson - oil on canvas; Amy Bickford - acrylic based gouache on gesso board; Jane Herbert - acrylic on canvas; Felicity Sidwell - oil on canvas; Wilson Stewart - acrylic on canvas; Gwen Sylvester - acrylic on canvas; and Sarah Wilde - acrylic on canvas. The exhibit is open free of charge to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily through October 31, 2014. For additional information please call the gallery at 207-712-1097 or visit www.richardboydartgallery.com .
Rob Anderson; Amy Bickford; Jane Herbert; Felicity Sidwell; Wilson Stewart; Gwen Sylvester; Sarah Wilde
Variety of media and styles.
Coffee By Design
620 Congress Street
Hana Firestone is a freelance illustrator and designer originally from the Chicago area. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. She is greatly inspired by nostalgic memories of childhood books and enjoys collecting greenery from the beautiful Maine outdoors. Her work also explores pattern making and often consists of pastel colors with quirky line work. When Hana is not drawing she is browsing art galleries around the city, enjoying a cup of Portland's local coffee, or spending time with her pup Moxie. To see more of Hana’s work, visit https://www.etsy.com/people/hfirestone10
Hana Firestone
Ink, watercolor, cut paper & collage with minimal gel pen
Coffee By Design
67 India Street
A collection of landscape and still life paintings on canvas.
Adam Tice
The Dogfish Bar and Grille
128 Free Street
Erinn lives on the Coast of Maine. She is inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds her and conveys that beauty by combining vivid and emotion-filled colors with abstract forms in her art. website: www.erinnmccusker.artspan.com
Erinn McCusker
oil and pastel
The State Theatre Building
142 High St. & 615 Congress St.
The State Theatre Building 142 High Street, All floors lots of artist under one roof here at the State Theatre Building in the Arts District. Open from 5:00 - 8:00 pm every First Friday Art Walk. If you're looking for variety in art exhibitions then look no further...it's all here!
Mixed Media
Portland Public Library Cultural Center
5 Monument Square
Portland Public Library hosts exhibit by Maine Maritime Museum in the Lower Level Hallway - July 3rd through December 15th, 2014 Portland Public Library will host an exhibit by Maine Maritime Museum, “The Faces that launched a Thousand Ships” in the Lower Level Hallway from July 3rh through December 15th 2014. A ship-launching is the supreme maritime amusement, a joyful, thrilling rite that builds to a moment of drama unparalleled in any theater. It is a rite repeated tens of thousand times since ships were built, joining us with historical legions of spectacle seekers, while channeling our best wishes for the future career of a brand-new untested vessel. View the emotions, fashions, and personalities of participants and on-lookers at some Maine coast launchings of the last century or so.
Maine Maritime Museum

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